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Chinese CYG11 seaplane WIG Craft GEV
Chinese CYG-11 seaplane , - , Chinese CYG-11 s.
Chinese CYG-11 floats over waves in test
The CYG-11 (above) has been developed with Russian engineers and could be used to patrol coastlines
The Hainan Yingge Wing in Ground Effect Craft Manufacturing Company tested two prototypes of the plane
The plane can be used like a catamaran initially until it builds up enough speed to
The "Aquaglide 5" is a five-seat "wing in ground-effect" vehicle powered by a gasoline engine. Part boat, part hovercraft, when travelling at speed this ...
Worlds First Wing in Ground Effect Marine Craft fully surveyed to IMO Rules.
Engineers say the aircraft (above) could even provide public transport of the future along
The Zvezda Ekranoplan Model Kit in scale from the plastic aircraft model kits range accurately recreates the real life Russian ground-effect vehicle.
Pin by Daniel Alderfer on airplanes | Pinterest | Airplane, Aviation and Plane
Discovery Channel HD - Universal Hovercraft UH 19XRW Hoverwing™ Ground Effect Hovercraft
aerodynamic phenomenon known as "ground effect." winged boat - Google Search
Abandonned WIG vehicle, Beriev VVA-14M1P ekranoplan, Air Force Museum, Monino,
Ground Effects, Plane Design, Old Planes, Sea Plane, Flying Boat, Research
Let's be candid.
Chinese CYG-11 craft that can fly or 'float' on a cushion of air above the sea - YouTube
Ground-effect vehicle
The Ekranoplan was desinged to be a troop carries for the Soviet Union. The Ekranoplan was desinged as a GEV ( Ground Effect Vehicle ) and was one huge.
Wing in Ground Effect Craft | Wing-in-Ground van de grond
Abandoned Soviet Ground Effect Vehicle, Ekranoplan "Lun". Joon NG · WIG Craft / GEV
The Skimmer – 100 km/h ground effect recreational water toy - Images. Joon NG · WIG Craft / GEV
WIG craft that operate between coastal airports would connect into an existing infrastructure that includes commercial freight services and passenger ...
Wing in Ground Effect Craft | Wing Ship Technology Ground Effects, Amphibious Aircraft, Technology
Universal Hovercraft - UH-18SPW Hoverwing™ Flying Ground Effect Hovercraft
Image result for ground effect vehicle Ground Effects, Future Transportation, Flying Boat, Wigs
The prototypes are designed to carry two pilots (above) and 10 passengers but larger
Some bizarre aircraft that you may have not seen before.
Soviet Union[edit]
Russian Orion-20 amphibious plane | Amphibious | Pinterest | Ground effects, Vehicles and Aircraft
2 November 1947 Spruce Goose flies The Hughes Flying Boat—the largest aircraft ever built—is piloted by designer Howard Hughes on its first and only flight.
Airplane technology: Russia develops huge Ground Effect Vehicle that ski.
Camping Universe
Bits of History
25 Best Pictures of Machine this Week – April 17th to April 24th, 2012
Airfish WIG craft
RFB Aerofoilboot LBG The was an inverse delta aircraft, that is it had a wing which was triangular in plan but with a straight, unswept leading Combined ...
Falcon XP aircraft picture
Wing in Ground Effect (WiGE) vehicle of the LUN-Class (courtesy of. Lun Class EkranoplanFlying BoatFlying ...
Russian seaplanes for sale
canard seaplane
oxcroft: “ // Filson & Floatplane // // gallery.oxcroft
De Havilland Canada DHC Oh, I don't wish for many toys limited to the wealthy ones. but a nice seaplane as such would be one!
Chinese Maritime Patrol Aircraft / Amphibious Aircraft / Wing-In-Ground aircraft (WIG)
The Supermarine Southampton was a British flying boat, one of the most successful flying boats of the interwar period. It was a development of the ...
Arrive to Alderbrook Resort & Spa via seaplane! Whether you have your own plane
The Boeing Pelican ULTRA (Ultra Large TRansport Aircraft) was a
Pilot Edgar 'E.T.' Tello lands his 1947 SeaBee on Lake Norman. #SeaBee
In the 1970s the Soviet Union developed the VVA-14, a vertical take-off amphibious aircraft which could take off from water and fly at high speed over long ...
World's largest Seaplane
New Avic AG600 Chinese Seaplane Worlds Largest, Float Plane, Naval Aviator, Flying Boat
ArtStation - Nuclear Ekranoplan 'Smelost' sketches, Alex Jay Brady
Russian jet seaplane with cruise missiles
the Aerocon Wingship proposal, circa 1992 Airplane Flying, Flying Boat, Ground Effects,
Ekranoplan KM 'Caspian Sea Monster' seaplane
Canadair CL-415 C-GOGX Ontario 1 - Amphibious aircraft - Wikipedia, the
Seaplane in Dubai. To own one and travel the world with it.
Chinese SH-5 Maritime Patrol Aircraft/ Amphibious Aircraft / Wing-In-Ground Aircraft Taking Off ~ Chinese Military Review
Lisa Airplanes rises, falls, rises again : CompositesWorld Airplane Flying, Flying Boat,
Martin Mars water bomber touching down, Twin Otter Taxiing in. Vancouver Harbour, Canada
Beriev Be-12 Chaika
Image result for futuristic flying boat
caspian sea monster - Sök på Google Military Jets, Military Aircraft, Flying Boat,
Wing in Ground Effect Ground Effects, Xavier, Flying Boat, Engin, Cold War
Russian - is a Stage 3 Experimental Civil Piston Ground Effect Vehicle (GEV) Powered by: 2 x AviaSmart Piston Engines, Rated at: 412 hp each, ...
Ivolga EK-12. Civil WIG
Soviet Union, Soviet Navy, Military Aircraft, Military Personnel, Russian Plane, Russian
Lippisch Type and Hanno Fischer[edit]
Dinner Key seaplane base - Miami, Florida
Caspian sea monster, Soviet era flying boat series.
Seaplane- convertible trimaran sailing yacht 10 Luxury Yachts, Kit Cars, Automotive Design,
A Martin PBM Mariner patrol bomber seaplane is hosed down after it was hauled up…
Ground Effects, Craft Sale, Water Crafts, Salvador, Rockets, Wigs, Airplanes
Нажмите на это изображение для просмотра полноразмерной версии.
Ekranoplan b Lun Class Ekranoplan, Ground Effects, Sea Monsters, Military Aircraft, Military
The company are developing larger aircraft that they hope will be able to carry up to
Flying Ship, Flying Boat, Float Plane, Sea Plane, Ground Effects, Salvador
Flarecraft - Wing in Ground Effects or WIG. First in depth exposure to carbon fiber fabrication technique. #Flarecraft, #WIG #Wingingroundeffect
Lake Boga, Vic. August 1942. At No. 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot
Beriev Be-200ES Altair - EMERCOM by haryopanji Amphibious Aircraft, Profile Drawing, Fighter
This Sea-Craft Looks Like A Plane, Has A Car's Engine, Company Wigetworks
dornier seastar amphibious aircraft - Google Search Amphibious Aircraft, Engines For Sale, Aircraft Propeller
Image result for GROUND EFFECT VEHICLE. Kenneth peterson · flying boat air craft
The Quadrofoil Q2 has a top speed of 40 km/h
Russians And Their Technology Flying Ship, Flying Boat, Aviation Civile, Engin, Military
KM Ekranoplan "Caspian Sea Monster" Lun Class Ekranoplan, Ground Effects, Experimental Aircraft
ekranoplan - DeviantArt Lun Class Ekranoplan, Soviet Navy, Ground Effects, Experimental Aircraft,
Image result for GROUND EFFECT VEHICLE. Kenneth peterson · flying boat air craft
#Seaplane and Floating Dock via The Fancy Aviation, Amphibious Aircraft, Float Plane,
a seaplane for the top of the cake Bush Pilot, Airplane Photography, Bush Plane
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Argentic Wing in Ground Effect Craft by Ray Mattison, via Behance
Air Fighter, Air Force, Photo Galleries, Wwii, Aviation, Aircraft, Planes
The Boeing Pelican ULTRA (Ultra Large TRansport Aircraft) was a proposed ground effect fixed-wing aircraft under st… | Garage, Hangar, etc. | Aircr…
The Lun Class Ekranoplan is one of those vehicles that seems to large for life,